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Membership Enquiries - CPHVA Membershp enquiries will be dealt with by the administrator responsible for the respective region. Please contact the general switchboard number ((0208 462 7755)) and ask to speak to whomever deals with their region; or ring the Membership ''hotline' (0845 850 4242). Members can also e-mail the Membership Department for information.

At a time when many people feel that the NHS is facing one of the greatest crises in its half-century history, community practitioners require a strong and coherent voice that will speak up on their behalf to Government and NHS management.

The Association provides strong professional leadership and a clear voice to government, championing the service that our members provide to their patients and clients.

The organisation is also dedicated to enhancing membersí pay and conditions and promoting their career development.

Now that the NHS, and Primary and Community Health Care in particular, are firmly at the top of the political agenda, joining the CPHVA makes sense.


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